Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Refreshed and Inspired

My trip to Asheville did me a world of good...

My dad and I hiked up to Triple Falls early one morning..

 It was breathtaking, serene, peaceful and awe-inspiring

 It gave me wisdom and insight
I enjoyed my trip to my parents and came back to (HOT) Texas refreshed and relaxed....


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! For me I think it would have been hard to live such a tranquil place. Lovely landscape and wow! the falls are breathtaking. Hope your day is good.

Hard to leave a post as blogger is still having trouble. If you change your comment page to a popup page, that seems to work.


Curtains In My Tree said...

I just wanted to say Hi and say it is hot here in Missouri also , was 100 degrees over the past week end cooler today 90

I think I found you on the oldgretmare


oldgreymare said...

Funny how the king of hot town..Vegas, is experiencing low temps while the rest of the country boils.

I'm not fooled though, it's comin' for us...sigh

So glad you had a wonderful trip.


Zuzu said...

Oh, so incredibly gorgeous! I am glad that you enjoyed your time and feel refreshed & relaxed! :)
Wishing you a lovely one, Cindy!

Romeo said...

So very glad to hear that you had a wonderful trip in all regards! Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing your moments in time!

"Her" and Romeo