Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun times in Hico, Texas

Another great trip to Hico, Texas for the  bi-annual Antique Show.  This is my favorite antique show (just a tad higher than the Paris Street show in Denver)
I really enjoyed my time with my friends Pattie and Stephanie who made the driving trip so much fun.  I laughed until my face hurt.   I am proud of my Witherspoon Antique Mall  "sisters" who had such beautiful booths.  They had the greatest booths of all.   I meet new friends, Denis and Taylor from Lonestar Antique Mall in Fort Worth,  Brenda from the Homestead Store, Dorothy from the Shabby y and many more. And ran into my good buddies Jennifer and her beautiful daughter Shelbie.   And as an added bonus.....I met the singer Jewel!
she sat with us while we had tea and cookies. She is so stunningly beautiful and so very sweet and down to earth.  (See Denis from Lonestar Antique Mall blog..  She bought a vintage prom dress from him)

My friend Pam's booth, love all the cream and white
colors with the gorgeous Christmas wreath.  She is a talented
artist with an great eye for collections.
My friend Georgia's booth, great collection of everything
vintage. She can make beautiful things with anything.
I bought the large table...perfect for my new
I purchased this great is in perfect shape!
The Shabby Y booth, lots of fun trinkets and

 I am sorry that I did not get a photo of my friends Thoma Lou and Janet's booths.  They were equally as beautiful.  Both gals are very talented and have an eye for all things beautiful and antique.  

I brought home lots of things treasures.  I will be busy creating something out of them.
But the best treasure of the day was spending the wonderful, sunny fall day with my friends....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A reminder...

I saw this on one of my favorite blogs..Brave Girl
It just reminded me to be careful with my words and
and conversations.  There is way more important
things to discuss than gossip and drama.
I will try not to get all caught up in someone else's
drama because I have enough of my own to deal with!

" It is easy to get caught up in drama. It's hard to avoid it in this crazy world.
Do your best to stay out of drama induced situations that distract you from everything
in your life that is beautiful and true.

Help others avoid drama by not participating in it.  Change the subject, help others around you to see all
that is good in the world.  Look around you and make something better...
let things go...forgive people...move past volatile behaviors.

There's so much to be thankful for, so much to celebrate and SO MUCH GOOD to be
done in the world, that there's really no time for negativity, pettiness or gossip.

You already know this are one smart cookie!  Sometimes it's just good to
be remimded...once we decide to never participate in is so much
more peaceful...and the goodness in others is made so much more evident.
Isn't that so much a happier way to live? "