Sunday, June 24, 2012

Remembering a great friend

I was going through some old pictures on my computer and came across this picture of my dog Samantha.  I had to put her down in December 2010.  I miss her everyday!
She was my very best friend, most importantly, through the hardest time in my life.  Sam went everywhere with me riding shotgun in my jeep.   When she did not get to go with me, she was always so happy to see me with her huge tail wagging and a sweet smile on her face.   

This picture was taken at my friend Jennifer's old timey saloon during the day.  It is my favorite picture of Sam.  I have pictures of her around and her collar hanging close by, but seeing this made me a little sad and made me really miss her.  But I am so very lucky to have had her in my life.  She taught me how to handle a stressful situation by just getting outside enjoy life as it comes.

I miss you Samantha Blue!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The culprit

 I have been noticing my lettuce and spinach had been nibbled on.  I was blaming it on the darn grasshoppers that have invaded my garden...

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a little scurrying between the fence of my garden...

Here is the culprit with a belly full of tender lettuce!

A baby rabbit..

He was trying his best not to be seen

We have lots of cottontails around our house and in the woods.  

It took all I had not to pick him up and pet him.

He stood still for a couple of quick pictures

Then off to the woods to find his mom!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ranch life...

 I love Sunday mornings

We always go out early on Sunday mornings when we are not rushed to get to work or attend other obligations.

A Bluebird guards her nest nearby

The biggest surprise this past Sunday morning was the birth of a calf..
She is only hours old, still a little sleepy and full of mama's milk

Tess gets a closer look

and gives her a welcoming kiss!
She is a lover, not a herder.
She would rather chase butterflies in another field than to herd cattle!

Our older cattle dog wants her to get up so he can herd her!

One of the jack rabbits on the place trying to sneak away

I think I will use this big mama for my spokes person
for Fat Cow Studio!
She will be having her baby VERY soon!

A mockingbird on the windmill.
I took this photo and the exposure was way off,
I added a few textures from Kim Klassen's collection
and I like the way it turned out!

Until next time!