Monday, October 29, 2012

The 2012 Fall Hair Show!

Once again, it is time for the fall cattle hair-do extravaganza!!

First up..
A ginger with a subtle spike

Blonde tight perm..

A Farrah sweep..

The biscuit

The Bully Idol

The whirl..

Slick back..

The Crack..

 The Lucy..

The Moe..

The Mohawk..

The Fade..

The twirl cone..

The Sheldon..

High and tight.

The doughnut..


Perfectly coifed..

The comb over..

And last, but not least..
The Snookie..

Hope you enjoyed the show!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Leaves for Leontien

Much love is needed for our fellow blogger Leontien who is battling cancer.

 You can read about Leontien here

Our friend from A Rural Journal has asked us to post pretty fall leaves on Leontien blog to help cheer her up!  It is the least we can do...

This is for you Leontien!
You are in our prayers and hope for a full recovery!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It is quiet

My family came and went with a blink of the eye.
My house was full of the people I love the most and I
miss them dearly.

My world is back to it's quiet self. 
Same routine, just same ol' same ol'

But I kind of like it that way.

I will always have these girls to talk to!
(Plus mine doesn't seem as big as long as I stand beside theirs)

((via pinterest)

Have a happy day!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

too good not to share

My friend Tanya at Bead and Needle is having a beautiful giveaway.
In Honor of Breast Awareness Month, Tanya has created an awesome necklace.

To enter, all she is asking for is a follow and a comment.. That's it!  So simple!
Run over there now and enter!  Good Luck!

Also,  many of you know the fabulous Z at Old Grey Mare Primitives.  Her daughter is a film student at NYU.  She is making a film and has set up a fund raising website.   I am telling you, this girl is not only beautiful inside and out, but VERY talented. (just like her mom!)  If you have a dollar or two  (or more), you can help fund this film.   College is expensive enough, but with added expense of having to fund their own films in order to graduate,it can get expensive for a student!  Check out her website.
Z or her daughter did not ask me to do this, I just think we need to support each other in anyway we can.  If you can't donate, just give her daughter some encouragement and support!  When she is a famous director, we can say we knew her when!

If you are in the central Texas area this weekend.   Go to the Hico Homestead Antique Show.  Hico is about 1 hour SW of Fort Worth.  I am not going to be a vendor there this time, but I will be shopping!
Check it out here:  Homestead Antique show

I had a wonderful time with my family.  The time went by too fast!  We got to talk, shop, take walks and enjoy each other company.  The house is quiet now and I miss them..

I am done rambling now...I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Family is coming!

photo from (not my family, but love this picture!)

My family is coming to visit me tomorrow!  My mom and dad from Asheville NC.  My sister Kim and brother-in-law Dan from Golden, CO.  My brother, Glenn from Atlanta GA will all be here to celebrate my mom's birthday on October 5th.

I am so excited!!! We haven't all been together since Kim and Dan's wedding a couple of years ago. We are a noisy family when we all get together.. Lots of laughter, good conversations (and a few political debates!).  We are planning on sitting on the front porch swings, taking walks, riding out in the pasture on the tailgate, cooking out and just enjoying each other company.

I am very blessed to have a fun, healthy, loving family!

See you next week!  Have a great week!

(PS  The auction for my facebook friend Amy raised over $3000.00 to offset medical cost.  Her father in law and son were seriously hurt in a car accident.  It is so heartwarming when people get together to help each other...I AM blessed to be a part of such generous, loving group of bloggers and facebook friends!)