Monday, October 29, 2012

The 2012 Fall Hair Show!

Once again, it is time for the fall cattle hair-do extravaganza!!

First up..
A ginger with a subtle spike

Blonde tight perm..

A Farrah sweep..

The biscuit

The Bully Idol

The whirl..

Slick back..

The Crack..

 The Lucy..

The Moe..

The Mohawk..

The Fade..

The twirl cone..

The Sheldon..

High and tight.

The doughnut..


Perfectly coifed..

The comb over..

And last, but not least..
The Snookie..

Hope you enjoyed the show!


Old Fashioned Kitty said...

ohhh boy! love the hair show!!! Especially the Biscuit and of course the SNOOKIE!!! There is a girl that usually works the check in at the local car wash and she definitely has the snookie..Sam and I were sad to not see her there this past weekend I'm glad to see another snookie on your blog!! hehe. Greatness :) This inspires me to look at our cow's hair do's!

TexWisGirl said...

this is adorable! :)

oldgreymare said...

After worrying all day, this was a nice break and made me smile. Thanks sweetie

Bead and Needle said...

The perfect ending to my day - thanks for the laugh! The Sheldon...too funny! Happy Tuesday, Cindy - Tanya

Buttons said...

Oh you cracked me up this morning I always notice the hair on my cows but never the way you have. Thanks for the laugh. Great shots of nice cattle. B

Theresa said...

I loved this, they all look so sweet! Thanks for the grins this morning! love, t.xoxoxo

The Feathered Nest said...

Cindy, this just cracks me up!!! Thanks for the chuckle and smile girl...great way to start the day! hugs and love, Dawn

shaggysheephome said...

What a knee slapper! I had no ideas that even cows can have hair styles. My hair looks like the bed hair. They are all beautiful.

Michelle Hill said...

I love them all! This is very near and dear to my heart because I am a girl that has a head of hair filled with cowlicks! As a child, I always thought my Mom allowed the cows to like my hair to give me character! LOVE THIS POST!

Kadee @KadeeWillow said...

I had so much fun looking at those beauties!!! My heart melts whenever I see cows.... they have the most soulful eyes!

Diana Seal said...

AH, can't stop looking at them, just too cute! Thanks, they made me smile all day:)

Olive Cooper said...

The comb over just cracks me up.

June said...

You are too funny!!!