Friday, July 23, 2010

new addition

This little calf was almost dead when we found him.  His mother had twins and she didn't realize she had him too.  She walked away with his brother and left little
"Lobo" to fend for himself.  At just a couple of hours old, he would not survive long. We found him in the high grass and took him to the barn to revive him.
After getting a good belly full of milk, his strength came back, his eyes became brighter and his tail began to wag.
My dogs were anxious to get to know Lobo, Red, the heeler, was ready to heel, but Lobo has no idea what that means yet.

Tess, the Aussie, is more interested in licking the milk off Lobo's mouth.
I am happy to report that Lobo is about 5 weeks old and is doing great..  After his meals, he runs, bucks and chases me around.  Lobo likes to stay close and he gets lots of hugs from me.   I am having fun watching him grow and becoming a VERY big pet...

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I have been watching the bluebirds build their nest.  When I peeked inside, I found four beautiful eggs. I noticed that the nest is made out of dog hair that I put in the trees after brushing  by dogs and moss that I had around my flowerpots.  Nice and soft!  I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the precious baby birds. I will keep you posted!

keys and clocks

I found some great porcelain watch faces and old keys.  They made great necklaces when combined buttons,pearls, beads and locks.  

I have these for sale at Witherspoons Antiques in Granbury, Texas along with many other fun creations.   

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I love anything vintage and I love to organize them.
I can spend hours sorting buttons, wrapping old tatting, folding linens.   I love to look at each key, button and the delicate loops of vintage trim.  I have lots of old boxes full of colored pencils, paper, rubber stamps and found objects.  I can spend a whole rainy day "plundering" through my possessions.  Each object that I find, I try and figure out what I can make with it.  
Recently I went to Denver to see my sister, we hit every antique mall, thrift shop and flea market we could.  We were so inspired!  We brought so many great treasures and we are so excited to create little pieces of art from them all.