Sunday, August 5, 2012

big fat green + big fat gray = big fat happy

So my yard had been literally taken over by these huge monsters.  Not much I can do about them..
 until the Calvary was called up....

Within a few weeks, I have dozens of toads that are more than happy to rectify my grasshopper situation.

 They hide under pots, rocks and deep in the grass just waiting, very patiently for their next juicy meal..

They all seem very satisfied with themselves...

Happy toads = Happy me!


Kristin_Texas said...

I know what you mean. My parents say the grasshoppers up on our land in LaGrange are monster-sized this year. There have always been a lot of them there, but this year it seems their numbers have quadrupled.


TexWisGirl said...

that is awesome! i love toads! ours are scarce this summer. too dry, i guess.

oldgreymare said...

Nature..let her work naturally :D

Diana Seal said...

They are pesky critters, we had them one year, they evan ate the screens on the windows.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


Dearest Cindy, THESE ARE MONSTERS! But they are helping you get rid of an even UGLIER PEST and that must make you very happy indeed! WWWOOWOWOO.....EEWWWWWW!

Thank you dearest for visiting my older post today. I am so behind on posting but just put up a NEW post! Come and visit!!! Anita

Carole said...

Well no wonder they are HUGE they haven't stopped eating.
I would love to have some frogs at the greenhouse but afraid the cats would feast on them first.
Next year if this happens the cavalry will have to make their appearance sooner......darn grasshoppers.


Rob-bear said...

And what will you do when you have too many toads?

Butterbean Row said...

what awesome shots! How did you get in close without them escaping? I have frogs near my mini pond but as soon as I step near, they jump in the water.

Have a good week!


Jill said...

You may become fat toad studio!

Theresa said...

I think they look like the perfect solution to your problem! I love your new coin purse necklaces too! t.xooxoxo