Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sister trip-route 66

Kim driving full steam ahead on Route 66

My Sister, Kim and I took a few days to travel from Texas to Colorado recently.  On our way to Santa Fe, we stopped at Tucumcari, NM and took the old Route 66.  It was so amazing and awe-inspiring.    These are just a few of the sites we discovered.
The Palomino Motel-Very cool
This was my favorite, Blue Swallow Motel
I would love to stay here!
Blue Swallow Motor Court
Mexican Food Cafe and old Truck
How great is this??
I loved the remains of the old hotels and restaurants.  They are reminiscent of a life when families took long road trips. Kids got excited about swimming in the hotel pool, mom's got a break from cooking and cleaning and Dad's got to shed their ties and white shirts for Bermuda shorts and crazy shirts.  It is a shame that these great buildings are falling by the way side.  They have so much character, with many stories to tell.  I hope that they are saved before they crumble, so the next generation of kids can swim in their pools and the parents can have a cocktail under the neon lights.


Old Fashioned Kitty said...

I remember La Cita... that is when design meant something... now it's all about boxes :( I would like to go back to Tucumcari to see it again. I tried to paste the Tucumcari video of Jimmie Rodgers but would not let me load.. I will post it on my blog. I think you'll like it!

Shelby said...

Cindy, I enjoyed all of pictures little calve (Lobo) also the birds and dogs, but I can't express myself like you can. Keep me updated